Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How to Fight World War 3 in Your Bathroom

This means war! A war declared against the very enemies of human life and all that human beings hold sacred. A war against the oppressors of good health whose forces are led by General Bacteria and his Germ Army. You have been given the task of holding out against these enemies in the last place you could ever imagine, your bathroom. So let the war games begin as here is everything you need to know about bathroom cleaners and attacking germs on a war footing.

Know Your Enemy

It makes no difference if General Bacteria's forces are spread all over your bathroom floor or climbing the walls. You know you have superior weapons and crucial intelligence information that you are about to receive from us on how to draw out the enemy's germ soldiers and kill every one of them before they conquer and defeat your family's good health.

1. Take a good look at the battleground: Think like an army general who is surveying the battle ground. Mark out the spots where you expect the fighting to get really intense. Decide when you will take change your approach and which stages need to be done first before you can get to where the actual fighting is.

2. Marshal your forces: Get your weapons out and make sure they are ready to be deployed. We suggest you employ Dettol Antiseptic Liquid as your light ammo for your infantry of bathroom cleaners and back them up with heavy cannon fire from Dettol Healthy Bathroom Power Cleaner

3. Evacuate all civilians from the battle zone: Remove everything that can be removed. This means, clothes, towels, cups, bins, contents of the cabinets, the shower curtains and even the storage bins or cabinets that can be moved so that you can get behind or under them and really clean up.

4. Use heavy artillery: First open the windows and make sure you have good ventilation. Pour some liquid bleach into the toilet bowl. You can put your toilet brush in to disinfect it.

5. Occupy higher ground: It always makes sense to start with the roof and walls simply because if you leave these for later, you will dirty the floor you have already cleaned. Bring down those cobwebs and dust on the walls. Especially scrub the window ledges, glass panes and window and door fittings.

6. Lay down mines: In the form of scrub powder to the really dirty areas such as corners, built-up lime or scale on the taps and faucets, next to drains and on pipes. Put the powder on in the form of a paste with a little water and wait for it to start reacting with the encrusted surfaces.

7. Go berserk: They say a madman has the strength of ten. Hit the cleaning and scrubbing with a manic intensity and don't stop for breaks. You might not be able to resume fighting.