Monday, 25 January 2016

Preserve the Heirloom of the Loom

Did you know that there are courses that you can undergo to learn about the different kinds of carpets through the different dynasties that ruled in the Middle East? By the end of such a course you can be expected to wax eloquent about the differences between the court carpets of the Safavid, Ottoman and Mughal empires.

Carpets in the Middle East have many dimensional significance and not the least of them is its functional role to provide support while kneeling in prayer. The others include the fact that they are an art form compliant with Islamic dictates and much like any other art form, a marker of the owner's wealth and status in that society. Therefore, if you own a specimen that comes from a long line of culture and is infused with history, you would want to preserve it by having a good stain remover at hand and learning how to remove carpet stains.


How to Remove Difficult Carpet Stains

Mud Stains: Given that this year has been a rather rainy one for the Arabic countries, what do you do when someone walks onto the carpet with muddy shoes? Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Then mix one part Vanish 3 in 1 Carpets & Upholstery Hand Shampoo with 9 parts cool water and whisk into a foamy solution. Now apply the foam of the stain remover onto the stain with a colourfast sponge while making certain to not get it too wet. Allow the carpet to dry and then vaccum over it.

Urine Stains: It could be a toddler or may be the pet, but as it turns out, one of the most common carpet stain is that of urine. First blot up the urine with paper towels or a colourfast cotton cloth. Then spray Vanish Oxi Action Carpet and Upholstery Power spray on to the stain. Leave it on for five minutes and then blot again. If it is a very heavy stain, it may require a second application.

Red Wine: The best way out is to treat the stain immediately, before the stain gets a chance to set in. Blot up the excess with a paper towel. Make sure you have got most of it out in this way. Then use the stain remover on it and let it stand for five minutes. Then blot it again, just as you would in the case of urine stains.

Stock up on Vanish products and you will never have to wonder how to remove carpet stains again.

The Princesses' New Clothes

Whether it is the intelligent and kind Belle from Frozen or the extremely independent and rebellious Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, we love all the Disney princesses so much. They look gorgeous in their flowing dresses, and we often dream of looking like them. In fact, they look amazing even when running around in the forest or doing all the household chores! Unfortunately, we still have to combat dirt and stains that so frequently ruin our best attires.

In the endeavour to look beautiful, we need to take good care of our clothes. One of the things that every girl has to be careful about is blood stains. While we try our best to not stain our clothes, sometimes this is unavoidable. So, even if the Disney princesses like Snow White, Ariel and Aurora do not have to deal with menstrual cramps and spots on their dresses, we still need a good solution for removing blood stains.


How to Remove Blood Stains from Clothes

Princess or otherwise, every girl must know how to remove blood stains from clothes. Especially if you, like the Disney Princesses, tend to favour a particular dress. If this happens to get stained during your period, you will either need a fairy godmother to make it vanish with a swish of her wand, or you will need to have some Vanish Oxi Action Powder at hand for a quick remedy.

Wash with Cold Water: Subjecting the dress to hot water can prove counterproductive to removing blood stains tend to 'cook' in heat and become more stubborn. This is true of any protein stain, which is the case with most body fluids. They change their chemical composition in heat and become more difficult to remove. Instead try to scrape off the crust with the edge of disposable spoon and runs the stains under cold water.

in cold water. One should use a stain remover like Vanish Oxi Action Powder when removing blood stains and then wash as usual, preferably with an additional scoop. The advantage of an oxygen based solvent is that it will also act as a mild bleach helps to keep Snow White's white skirt pristine.

Minimal Use of Dryer: Set the dryer on lowest heat and take out the coat as soon as possible. In case there are any residual stains, the heat from the dryer might leave it with a permanent tinge.

Don't Let Menopause Bring a Shadow on Your Beauty

If you are alarmed by the sudden spurting of facial hair in your mid-forties, you are not alone. Premenopausal women across races, tend to develop facial hair as the levels of the hormone that regulates it, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) start to increase in their body. When estrogen levels of the reproductive years begin to drop, it causes vellus hair to convert into terminal hair. Therefore, the thin barely visible hair on your face starts to get hardened into a visible mustache or beard. This can be very distressing for a woman who may no longer feel attractive or confident. They take to secretly and painfully pluck away each hair in their bathroom so no one will know. However, wax strips might be a much better alternative. Here's how.

3 Reasons to Wax, Not Pluck

Faster: When it comes to epilation, everyone agrees – there's no gain without pain. When you choose to tweeze one hair at a time, not only do you spend much more time on removing facial hair, you also prolong the pain. A wax strip on the other hand will take care of it all in a jiffy.

Works on Finer Hair as Well: Quality products like Veet Face Wax Strips will work on shorter and finer hair as well, which you might not be able to grasp with a tweezer. Moreover, since these strips are formulated with Shea Butter, you need not worry about irritation or break outs. Tweezing may result in unsightly bumps and ingrown hair but wax strips will not.

Regrowth: One of the best things about Veet® Face Wax Strips With Easy Grip™ - Sensitive Skin is that you can have up to four weeks of smoothness with one easy move. On the other hand, plucking hair out can cause thicker and faster regrowth, found a study conducted in Dundee University. In contrast, with regular use of Veet Face Wax Strips, you will have fewer, finer and softer hair growing back.
There is no need to be embarrassed of facial hair as many women are afflicted by it at some time or the other. In fact, there is cause to cheer as there is a foolproof way to tackle the problem that will save you from embarrassment, and others will be none the wiser. Along with this taking care of your diet during menopause could also bring relief from its symptoms.