Monday, 29 August 2016

Child hygiene 101: It starts with you

Teaching your child good hygiene starts with practicing what you preach, and rewarding the child for inculcating clean habits.

It is time for your child to go back to school. While your heart almost breaks with the thought of your child growing up so fast, it also sinks when you realise how grubby your child is going to get at school. A worm in the mud, a hiding place in a corner of the school, a tiny fish in a puddle…if your child sees something new, you can be certain he will stick his hand in it. You can’t rob him of his curiosity, but you can teach him good hygiene habits.

1 Do not compromise on basic cleanliness. Set the ground rules when your child is very young: insist that your child washes his hands and feet on entering the house. He cannot be allowed to eat or even go to his room till he has washed his hands with soap. Let your child see you head straight for the wash basin and hand soap after returning from work. Children learn by imitation, and you could encourage the practice by getting your child his own little soap dispenser.

2 Promise a treat for being clean. Your child must keep both his body and his room neat and tidy. Insist on your child putting his books and toys away, and to clean his toys using a mild soap (under your supervision). You could work out a system where if your child keeps his room organised and clean (bedspread neatly put away, toys, books, clothes and shoes in their places) you take him out to the movies or the amusement park over the weekend.

3 Teach your child how to use hygiene products. You cannot be responsible for the habits of other children in your child’s school. But you can teach your child how to use personal hygiene products. Put a packet of hand wipes and sanitizer in his bag, and teach him to use both the products. Insist on him using both after meals and if there is a sick child in the class. 

4 Keep a close watch on your child’s skin and hair health. Your child will go back to school and return with head lice or a skin rash. These may not be immediately apparent, but you must be on the alert for unusual head and body scratching, as also complaints of itching and ‘something walking in my hair’. Take immediate action if you see head lice or skin infections before they spread all over the house.

5 Suggest a child hygiene programme for school. You could speak with your child’s principal and suggest that the school arrange for fun and interactive hygiene education programmes for their students. Children learn faster in a classroom setting with their peers and are less likely to forget information when they are interested in the material.

Are extra thin condoms good for orgasm?

Most of the couples like to go for a particular brand when it comes to condom because it gives them the feeling of safety at the same time allows them to enjoy at the most when they are on bed. There are a lot of people who like to go for thin condoms which help them in feeling close to their partner. These ultra-thin condoms gives you the feeling of deep connection with your partner and gives you the real intense contact while making intercourse. These condoms are made with extra lubrication which keeps them strong from tearing off but gives the best intimacy when used for sexual intercourse. Extra thin condoms helps in transferring the body heat from one person to another which gives a feeling of extra security and adds up a lot of spice in the sexual life.
Below are some of the best benefits a couple can have by making use of these thin branded condoms-
·         These condoms transforms the male to a completely different world by adding sensation to their love life. It allows the person to stay very comfortable and enable them to have maximum satisfaction.
·         The condom is made in such a way that men cannot feel it present over their organ and get the chance to enjoy each and every moment while their organ is inside the vagina.
·         It will give men maximum pleasure when they make love as it boots the energy level in them and makes them the best on bed when they are with their partner.
·         There are various brands available in the market which are made in a very flexible manner so one need not take stress about tearing off. These condoms are tested well before they are packed in the boxes so one need not worry about any sort of trouble caused due to these condoms while making love.
·         They prevent from sexual transmission of disease and also pregnancy. Men who feel these condoms will not help them can surely go for a thicker one.
·         If you want to give maximum satisfaction to your partner on bed then do try these condoms. They will support you in the best ways.
·         One needs to understand that all the condoms which you see in the market are lubricated and made in a very smooth manner which prevents in ripping off and breaks being caused over the condom. It just helps you in getting the best satisfaction when you are on bed.
There are a lot of people even today who do not have faith in condom and go for surgeries and contraceptive pills. However, one needs to understand that these kind of artificial treatment will bring you a lot of trouble some or the other day. So it’s always better to make use of condom which is one of the safest treatments to prevent any kind of sexual transmitted problem. There are almost 40% of the women who rely on condom so can’t you also give a try?

Home remedies to reduce fever in kids

Medicine is not really a great idea to give your kids for any kind of health issue. It’s always good to solve any kind of issue may it be a minor fever or weakness rest and more remedies can help the kid in the best ways. Just making him pop a painkiller or ibuprofen is not going to help you in anyways. Always try to cure fever or high temperature in children with non-medical approach to help the child in the right way. Home remedy can always be the best cure. Below are some non-medical approach to bring down the temperature with seconds time.
·         Take a small damp cloth and some cold water. Dip the cloth in the water and slowly place it over the child’s forehead by making him or her rest.
·         A lukewarm tub bath or a cozy sponge bath can help your child to get some relaxation. As soon as the water starts evaporating from the skin, it will help in bringing the temperature down. Do not use cold water ever, though the temperature will go down but can make the kid shiver and can even effect in a negative way.
·         Make your kid have cold water, ice pops, ice cream, yogurt which will help in bringing down the temperature from inside within a period of time. This will gradually effect the body from outside as well and stop the fever from rising.
·         Keep the fan speed less rather than blowing it over the child’s head directly. You can keep the fan in the lowest speed which will help at its best.
·         Try to put light clothes over the kid’s body which will help the kid in sweating and bringing down the temperature. You can even make your kid lay down in bed and cover him or her with a light blanket which will make the body cold due to sweat.
·         Staying indoor and helping the body in giving some rest will help. If at all the kid goes out its important to stay in shaded area.
·         If it’s a toddler it’s important to take the baby to the doctor there and then or else give a call right away. The doctor will provide you with the right home remedy to help the baby fight back the high temperature easily.
·         Do not give any kind of medication to the child before taking advice from the doctor. You need to understand that a doctor is far more educated and experienced than you to help your child during emergency. If you are restless all you got to do is to take your baby and run to the clinic at the same time.
A child’s body will not respond in the same manner like an adults body responds. It’s necessary to understand things properly if you want your kid to stay healthy and get out of any kind of health problem within in the desired time.